Interview with Kondo Toshihiro: Reverie’s truths and foreshadowing for Kuro no Kiseki

Response to Reverie and its three protagonists

Trails into Reverie was released over three months ago. How has the response been?

The big turnabout of one man’s appreciation via his treatment in C’s route

The game contains an army of playable characters. How did you decide which characters to include?

The many collectables condensed in the Infinity Corridor

How was the response to the Infinity Corridor [or True Reverie Corridor], which featured a lot of optional content, like a diverse range of episodes and mini-games?

The new game engine and the big update

I think the new game engine was used in the ending movie. Is it realistic to expect that [Kuro no Kiseki] will have that quality throughout the entire game?

Reverie’s many revelations

Let’s discuss the main story, starting with the final battle against a being that temporarily redefines the Divine Knights. Weren’t Valimar and the other Divine Knights completely gone from the world of Zemuria?

Infinity Corridor’s creations and Ouroboros’s future

Foreshadowing for the Calvard arc

Roy Gramheart, Calvard’s new president, appears to be rather knowledgeable about Ouroboros’s plans and the world in three years, doesn’t he?

Other interesting tidbits we’d love to know

Who sent Ilya the mask?



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