History of Sekiro’s Fountainhead Palace

In the beginning

In the centre of the Sanctuary (Fountainhead Palace) is an enormous crater. Traces that something did indeed crash there can be easily found. The impact to create a crater this size would have instantly killed any living beings or buildings in the direct vicinity. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to speak of a complete extinction, meaning the moment the crater came into existence, so did the Sanctuary (whatever came before no longer exists).

Period from creation to 14,000 BCE

The history of the Sanctuary began with the meteor crash. The crash left behind a deep crater in the Sanctuary. Of course, no trace of any previous civilisation remained.

Jomon Period — Yayoi Period (14,000–300 BC)

The history of the Sanctuary began when the meteor struck. Shards of the meteor were scattered throughout the area, with a large chunk left at the bottom of the crater.

Yayoi Period — Kofun Period (300 BC–300 AD)

The largest chunk of iron meteorite from the bottom the creator (lumps of adamantite) was believed to be a dwelling place of the gods. Numerous mighty gods were attracted by this rock (iwakura). That is, until the Divine Dragon came from the West.

Early Heian Period

Fountainhead Palace was built by the ancients who had become immortal. The depth of the water in the lake was still shallow and the buildings were constructed near the crater.

Mid Heian Period

Several centuries after the Senpou High Priests attained immortality, the Okami [Kuraokami] clan arrived. These female warriors grasped control of Fountainhead Palace through force and took seat as military family of the area. They revered the nobility while enjoying the prime of their lives.

Late Heian Period

During the conflicts at Fountainhead Palace (Genpei War, 1180–1185), the Divine Dragon lost its left hand and awkened. Alongside its awakening, the amount of gushing water increases, submerging most buildings constructed around the edge of the Fountainhead Palace crater.

Sengoku Period

With the civil war raging on in Fountainhead Palace, Takeru and Tomoe fled the city to Ashina. With the palace’s ongoing deterioration and an increase in citizens unable to maintain their human shape, there was debate whether the Divine Dragon, as the cause of the city’s problems, ought to be slain.

Late Sengoku Period

When Wolf comes to the Sanctuary, he uses the Mortal Blade to obtain the gracious gift of tears by soothing the Divine Dragon. The Divine Dragon was soothed by shedding tears instead of getting killed by the Mortal Blade because tears purify the blood that had been shed.



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